Lyon Ingénierie Projets

Institution :

Lyon Ingénierie Projets is a SME, subsidiary of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, created by UCBL in 1991 in order to support the university researchers with their research collaborations and projects.
Lyon Ingénierie Projets is dedicated to the management of research projects and follows up the administrative, financial, and intellectual property issues. LIP currently employs 35 persons.         

Role in the project:

Lyon Ingénierie Projets will mainly ensure efficient project management, assist the coordinator with the monitoring of the different work packages, and overall financial and administrative management. LIP will be the contact point and a support for the coordinator and all partners as regards project administration and financial rules, as well as IPR rules.


Dr. Javier Olaiz, senior project manager and President of LIP since 2009, will be involved in the IPR management and in the preparation of the exploitation plan.
Patricia Odet, project manager, has been the project manager of numerous FP7 projects. She will support the Coordinator and the consortium on the administrative and financial management of the project.